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NSTP Reflections
Got to do this stuff! UST Library does not allow MS powerpoint here. crap. they recently upgraded our computer into mac. Now I have to write this darn reflections here. GOD HELP ME!


1. What were your most memorable moments during the activity?
* Organizing the mechanics of the game and the game proper and equally dividing the food and other materials are on of the most memorable moments during the activity (those happened simultaneously). We've joined forces together, worked in unity and cooperation, and let teamwork guide our way to success.
* During the bus ride back to UST, when flashbacks of what happened pondered through my mind. Seeing them with a smile in there faces and twinkle in their eyes made my heart melt. It's like something I've never seen before, something that symbolizes what true happiness is. The happiness that lies within their hearts, waiting for someone to reveal it.

2. What significant impact did the activity made on you, as a Thomasian student?
As a Thomasian, who values the yuletide season not only with the gifts that we had received, but with the gifts that we had given to other people, we had made a great impact not only to the partner community but also to ourselves. We've come to realize that Christmas is a special time to reflect on ourselves. On how we were able to embody the spirit of love, generosity, kindness and humility.

3. What significant impact did the activity create on the partner community?
The trip's primary purpose was to help the children and their families by giving them food and other basic necessities. It was set a week before Christmas and we all know that Christmas is a time for giving. A time to share what you have to other people. Giving them enough food (chocolates and candies), books with school supplies (notebooks, pencils and erasers) and teaching them basic stuff on everyday living like proper hand washing is, as to what I have seen, a very big help to them. With this, I may conclude that they felt LOVED and CARED for.


1. What valuable insights did you gain from your experience?
I've learned that education is one of the core things one must have to be able to survive in this competitive world. On what I have seen, children in their lack the right education appropriate for their age. This is something that we should be alarmed. As soon as possible, we should take steps on helping this people. And this trip is one of the few that would help in changing the status of education. Not only in that particular area, but as well as the other areas of the country.

2. During your fieldwork, give instances wherein you feel you were able to apply in real life the lessons, concepts and theories you've learned from the online modules.
The whole trip itself is the one in which I felt like I was able to apply in real life the lessons, concepts and theories I've learned from the online modules. Education is something that has been vital and inevitable in this world. Reaching out to other people who needs help and educating them is one of the primary purpose of the trip. By visiting them and teaching the children how to write, read and do math, I was able to apply what I've learned from the different CWTS modules.

1. How did you feel after crossing the finish line?
I was not able to cross the finish line because I joined the "Unending Walk". After I've learned that it was the end of the walk I felt tired and exhausted but at the same time felt happy and fulfilled. Even though I felt like taking a stop from the walk, I was able to fight temptation and resist the urge of taking a rest. I was able to do this by thinking that I am doing this not only for my betterment, but also for a cause.

2. If given a chance to join another run for a cause, would you do it again?
Definitely, YES. It would be an honor and it would be something to be proud of :)

3. How do you intend to continue your service after completing your course in the National Service Training Program? What is your pledge of service?
By putting not only my mind, but also my heart in remembering everything I've learned in NSTP and applying those in everyday living. With this in my mind and heart, I would be able to apply what I've learned and experienced armed with knowledge and invigorated with compassion. Engraving everything in my heart and soul until forever would guide me in everything I'll do for the betterment of humanity.

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